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Basic competencies:

Brought Christian values in interpersonal relationships and social


1) Using Christian values as the basis for inter-personal and social relationships

2) Identify the challenges and opportunities in realizing the Christian values on interpersonal relationships and social (drugs, free sex, abortion)


In the previous chapter the students have learned about Christian values, ie values that are derived from the Bible to regulate behavior and underlie all life. Students also learn about the association.

In this chapter students will learn how to use Christian values as a basis for personal and social interaction. This is necessary, because as a Christian teenager is not possible to isolate himself to the social circle of Christians only, without going to mingle in society. On the other hand, association in a pluralistic society with the influence of global culture, face various challenges and risks losing identity as a Christian teen. So here the students need to learn to understand the signs of Scripture in personal and social interaction.

This time, through several cases, students will learn how to behave and by applying the norms of the Bible as a guide in the mix.

Relationships Without Status / Friends Will Be

What is the basis we get along in society? With whom we interact? How should we hang out? RELATED Without Status (HTS), this term has become a lifestyle for a few people. Even for Rian (27), the relationship is legitimate. “That relationship is exciting, because it is not tied to anything.” For him, the HTS is a friendship that begins with the consciousness to enjoy each other a sense of togetherness. “I do it, because I have not been to her commitment. No one can expect from me. I do not have anything I can give to my partner, for now, “so the recognition of Rian. While the password is groundless, “The absence of courage to reveal the heart honesty, that’s the reason why hubu with it happening without a clear status.”
But on the other hand Vanda commented, “For a long time we were close friends, but no clarity. He makes me confused. There are things that are very personal he’s entered, it really makes me feel very comfortable with it. But on the other hand, there is no commitment whatsoever. I am afraid of losing him, but I-was unable to demand more. “
Rian, Sandy, and Vanda gives an idea of something going on behind the HTS. There are benefited and some harmed. HTS is the relationship between men and women who are very intimate, closer than a friend, but there is no clear recognition. HTS, there are only elements of passion or lust in it, but not clearly intimacy and commitment or bonding.

Impact of HTS
The lack of certainty of the relationship, can create resentment, and even the occurrence of separation, is the impact of HTS. Sense of comfort and love are always in tandem with the togetherness. The moments that can make happy, when the taste was diresponi with attention and positive response. Togetherness continues to be built in proximity which brings love, a sense of mutual need and mutual sharing. But nothing more. When there is a chance to find someone else, who can fill the hopes and expectations of themselves, so together they can change direction without having to feel guilty. Not surprisingly, the first contact ends without a trace and explanation whatsoever. All can be ended because there are no ties whatsoever. In this case, women often become victims.

There are several factors that caused the HTS. It all started from the closeness and togetherness. Build a sense of comfort. But courage is committed hard to do, merely enjoying the sheer pleasure. Indeed, a healthy relationship requires an assurance of commitment. Due to such relationships, male partners can leave a lady friend whenever he likes. Can not demand more on their partner to do things. Included also when the he would prefer someone else as a sweetheart, you have to accept the decision with the roomy chest.
There are three important elements that must be built in building relationship. Indeed is the intimacy, passion, and commitment. So HTS is a relationship that can not be held responsible, because the loss of commitment there. What’s the difference HTS with TTM (but intimate friends)? was the same: the closeness and intimacy without a confession and commitment. Hurt and disappointment always followed at the end of the story. Because one party will walk without a load.
For young people, the world is full of dynamic association, and expression of a smoldering young. But hopefully it brings us in motion a positive influence. Responsibility is a commitment that should embrace. So the relationship on the foundation of responsibility, rather than pleasure and self satisfaction.
Congratulations to build and improve relationships. If until now your relationship is unclear, fix it and explain again the purpose of that relationship. And for those who will build relationships, Lift is the responsibility of loving and has a definite purpose. True relationship can not only be mutually beneficial, but equally do what is right, with positive impact for the couple and the environment.

Activity 1:

1. Read the material about TTS

2. Define What is love? Write down on paper pieces had been distributed. Can reference from TV, Movie, Songs, etc..

3. Compare with 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, what the media teaches about love and how it differs from the teachings of God?

4. Word of God states in choosing a partner should be a believer. 2 Corinthians 6:14 – “Why did God forbid we are not paired with faith? If so whether he is a Christian origin is enough? What is the purpose of dating for Christians? If so, what are the things to consider in choosing a boyfriend and dating? Up to where the boundaries should and should not be in dating? What are the main criteria in choosing a boyfriend? Does it keep the sanctity of life in terms of women’s sexual affairs only be right? Why are more contentious issues virginity virginity while ignored in society? How is the attitude that should be (Hebrews 13:4 a)

5. Gen 1-2 depict human beings, men and women are created equal in God’s eyes. God created Eve as a balanced and regarding to partner for Adam. God also created institutions that eprtama wedding in the garden of Eden. God created sex as something beautiful and noble to be enjoyed in a blessed marriage institution. Should therefore sex is something sacred and legitimate only in the institution of marriage. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve’s relationship is a relationship blessed by God, without shame and remorse. Sin makes men and women accusing each other, blame, suspicion, shame and fear. Sexual intercourse should be based not only on the ‘feeling of momentary overflow’ but on trust and commitment. Sex is not just a momentary act of sex alone, but a statement of unity, loyalty and let go of self-interest. Having sex before marriage, just based on trust without a commitment, and the base is very fragile. Having sex outside of marriage is unprotected sex. Thus, the problem of loyalty into something that can not be relied upon. Violation of sexual sin always brings an adverse psychological impact and damage the human relationship with themselves, with pasangannyanya and with God.

6. Are you sure that your partner is now is what will surely be with you in a chair alongside the bride? What are the reasons? If so, whether the act of ‘stealing start’ in terms of sexual relations before marriage is an act that can be justified and responsible? What luck to lose?

People always say that by doing ‘ML’ will create closer emotional relationship. That is true. Because God does create such. Even 1 Cor 6:16 says, when someone is having sex with a prostitute, she has become one with the whore. Sex unites two human emotion and spirit. Paul Francis said ‘There’s something mystical about the sexual union, something that lock the two body and soul together. There is something of you that are staying together with him. Part of you that you can not take back.

Friendship with friends kind of just could tie a person’s emotions (eg David and Jonathan, 1 Sam 18:1), even more so when someone involved in sex with their partner. So when one leaves a spouse, that created a broken heart, because they have been brought together as two of paper held together with glue, when there is unity of effort to release it with a tear, it will damage both sides and one of the paper was still left on the Another paper, and vice versa.

Premarital sex consequences:

  1. Loss of integrity as a person
  2. The tendency to repeat again
  3. Increased tolerance of sin

7. Weddings Jewish initially marked by slaughter of sheep during the wedding took place, which is shared between the two families are united. Shows not only the unity of marriage two persons, but also two families. Marriage is not just two people uniting as one, but two families as one in which the form of mutual trust and commitment, but no longer two families became one family who look after each other and support each other. If so, should get the blessing of the family dating? Whether HTS, TTM and sex outside of marriage is an act of respect and maintain the family name?

Activity 2:

How is the case with cigarettes and shisha?

SMOKE billowed in the room smells a wide spread of fruits and flowers. That’s the typical cigarette Arab, or better known as “shisha”. This trend began springing up in some cafe or restaurant in Jakarta. Devotees, who else if not a young man who was always fond of new things, which is not necessarily good for their health.
A young woman enjoying a shisha dang, said, “smoke is more and taste. There is a fitting exclamation ngisep sensation, I know not bernikotin so not bad for your health. “ The girl named Amelya, shisha lovers since grade 3 junior. Unlike the air-Richal masem face, such as holding something. When asked about the shisha, Richal argued, “I can not stand the smoke, just because of invited friends, then her I was here”.

What is shisha?
Shisha is tobacco smoke kegia-tan-you Arab with a pe-set of which consists of pipe-but-ordinary FITNESS hookah or bong-bung-a tersam with a long hose. The working principle is: tobacco DIPA-heated and produces steam which is then filtered before it is inhaled. In addition to hookah, shisha raw materials made from tobacco.
Now there are about 30 flavor tobacco-you, ranging from fruits, brown, vanilla, and much more. Shisha tobacco they contain only a maximum of 0.05 percent nicotine and 0 percent tar. Shisha is the traditional cigarette in the Middle East Peninsula, which uses fruit extract burned tobacco substitutes that use the coal. The process uses water as a filter to minimize the level of nicotine that enters the body.
According to the research, a society that cigarette smoking herbal tobacco shisha or at risk of elevated levels of kar-bon monoxide in the body. This is because, in one session of shisha smoke cigarettes have a tendency to 4-5 times higher content of carbon monoxide in the body than when smoking a cigarette tobacco.
High levels of carbon-sida monok later potentially cause brain damage and unconscious condition. British Health Department said, so it is difficult to know how much carbon monoxide is produced from a cigarette to be distinguished from ordinary tobacco. But gauge levels of carbon monoxide in the breath for non-smokers showed monoxide levels in the blood is only about less than 1%, second-hand smoke has monoxide levels in the blood ranging from 20-40 ppm, or 2-4% and for heavy smokers, levels monoxide in the blood can reach 30-40 ppm, or 5-7%.
Meanwhile, according to the results of research into the shisha smokers had higher levels of carbon monoxide in the blood reaches 40-70 ppm or 8-12%. Dr. Hilary Wareingm Directorate Control Collaborating Centre tour Tem-mangrove said he was surprised to hear the results of the study. “The mouth that was open to the level of loss, no single study that showed surprising results than shisha which turned out to be harmful to health,” he said.
With this research, the young people who are to gandrungi shisha as a lifestyle, something that delights, or simply follow the trend, it’s time to think again. Apparently shisha no “better” than cigarettes, then how important each is ngetrend developments around us do not have to follow but to be seen and have a thorough consideration, whether useful or not?
Congratulations to take the right decision to act against the shisha. If the shisha can provide its own pleasure, with low prices and can be enjoyed together, but give harmful effects on the end of that pleasure. Loving Health, is loving life. Congratulations to give life to your life by doing that is useful rather than vice versa.

Are there parts of the Bible that forbids us to smoke or smoke shisha? What are the reasons?


Drug addicts can be helped by providing free heroin. Utrecht had ten years of local government to carry out experiments giving free heroin to addicts. Initially experiments were protests but now the voices of the opponents have no sound anymore. City of Utrecht now get the benefits because the addict is no longer interfere.

Both addicts and the medical officer believes positive. The ‘patient’ no longer need to steal to get heroin. Some of them have even been able to return to work.

The success of this trial have also resound in the political center of the Netherlands, Den Haag. Since 2006, heroin is registered as a drug. Last year the Dutch Parliament approved a law that allows the provision of heroin with medical supervision as one way of treatment for addicts.

Various negative impacts that come from heroin addicts in Utrecht, and also in other major cities, is lost. New addicts almost did not appear.

In the Netherlands there are 17 clinics that provide heroin as the drug free of charge to addicts. In Rotterdam there is even a special nursing home to accommodate elderly addicts. These homes prior pantry gets a lot of criticism but now it is accepted.

Giving free heroin in Utrecht strictly regulated. When using heroin the patients monitored with cameras and wearing glasses. “They should not be carrying heroin out,” said Tinka Hille, clinic coordinator.

The addicts get heroin three times per day with an appropriate dose and must wear it at the clinic.

Heroin is pure chemicals produced pharmaceutical industry. With that, the clinic staff know for sure that the heroin used absolutely pure without mixture. The dose is also measured by sejeli possible. This is because the heroin used in the clinics is far more potent than heroin illegal.

Critics who claim that giving free heroin would invite new addicts to come to the clinic was not proven. “Addicts who can come here is they really have been very severe, which has repeatedly tried to join the healing clinics but always failed. The addicts do not want to be in a situation like that, ‘obviously Hille.

Another criticism aimed at the high cost of providing heroin, whether the benefits brought in balance with the cost?

‘The cost of free treatment per patient has reached 17 thousand Euros per year, “said Tinka Hille. ‘It seems a lot but if we see savings that can be done as the cost of care, treatment, court and criminal acts that may be addicts, still far profitable. Each year per one patient community can benefit almost 13 thousand euros per year. “

The Commission is investigating the trial giving free heroin to addicts also concluded that this treatment provides more benefits than costs.

Of all the addicts who participated in the Utrecht trial, none of which are involved in criminal cases. Certainty that they can regularly receive heroin to addicts is calming. They do not have to steal again and could even begin to think what they want to do in the future. Previously these addicts every day anxious to find a way to get heroin.

Three patients Tinka Hille now have a simple job. ‘Betty’ is one of them. He refused to be interviewed, ‘afraid’ she said. He now works as a janitor at the clinic where he received heroin. When the interview took place with Tinka Hille, Betty worked to clean the room. He then talked with the porter.

“See,” Hille said. “Like that purpose. Tranquility, both for the addict and those around him. “

What do you think about the thinking above?

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