The Beauty of Bangka Island and it’s Beaches..

Tanjung Pesona Beach

Parai Beach

Matras Beach

Penyusuk Beach

Parai Beach View from Hotel

Bangka Island, an island that holds the lead in the belly of their ground, even to the sea-the sea is full of tin. If we see from the plane, the earth looks Bangka island torn apart in several locations. Tin mines were scattered everywhere, both legal and an unclear status.

Behind the houses, seen also shred-shred search excavator tin. Bangka Tin breath is the breath, because until now it remains a commodity lead the most seeded Bangka.Penambangan tin is not only done by PT Timah, but is done by small-scale miners, and even has seen players from China who come to enjoy the wealth of tin Bangka island.

Along the beaches in the Pacific, then look how the earth is filled with rows of magnificent beaches. Clean sea, beautiful beaches into a composition that makes anyone feel at home who stepped ashore.

For those who never watch a movie somewhere over the rainbow, would have understood that there are beautiful beaches on the island of Bangka Belitung this. Soft sand combined with chunks of boulders, which stand out in some beach, makes it convenient when I want to play sand or lounging on the beach, enjoying the sea breeze caress that touches all the pores of our skin.

Unlike Parangtritis beach in Yogyakarta, which is also beautiful, the waves on the coast of the island of Bangka is such a friendly wave. A choice of water sports are fun and have a small risk compared to the existing beaches along the south coast of Java island.

If you want to dive, then the cost is only 500 thousand per person. The cost is already included the cost of training briefing, boat fee and expenses during the dive instructor companion. Unfortunately, we have to find 4 people diving again, so that the ship would take us to the dive sites. You could say the cost of “diving” This is 2.5 million per boat, maximum of 5 persons.

One of the beach closest to the location of the hotel is Parai beach, which is in contact directly with the Hotel Parai. There is a sensation that should be felt, if you want to feel the dinner on the beach, in the midst of chunks of rock that juts into the sea. That’s “The rock island grill and bar”.

Rock Cafe View

Rock Cafe Parai Beach

Menu food is standard seafood menu, but there are additional menu that makes us tingle to try it, “gado-gado”!. Bumbu gado-gadonya very fitting for the tastes of the tongue “wong Yogya”, sweet and not spicy. Of course if we want spicy should give special orders.

Hospitality typical of the Pacific islanders [original] of course more comfortable travelers who make day trips to Bangka. They were not affected by the financial crisis that occurred in America, even though they feel the interest of miners [Petty] slightly decreased due to falling tin prices. But that does not make the smile ran away from their faces.

Just imagine if we see Dewi Sandra, Bangka-born celebrity, who was always smiling, then so should we imagine the friendliness of the Pacific islanders [although not all the residents of the Pacific as beautiful as  Dewi Sandra].

Some indigenous people I met and I took Bangka chat, all give the impression that is similar to typical “wong Jowo”, patiently, “nrimo” [accept what is] and not “adventurous” [do not have the desire that the various].

So for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bangka, prepare yourself to feel the sensation of the beautiful rocky beaches, soft sand with a bonus of friendly people.

That’s how God created the beauty on this earth. Praise we just prayed to God, the Creator, the Most Fair. Hopefully we can become a good servant grateful.

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