Parai Tenggiri Beach – wonderful beach for your vacation

Bangka-Belitung Island… It is an eclectic blend of  colorful adventure island. Experience the cultural fusion and diversity of Bangka-Belitung Island in Indonesia. Bangka is fascinating holiday destination offering you with fiesta celebration of various festivals and events. Meet genuinely  friendly and warm people. Adventurous travellers can explore the serene natural beauty and support with exhilarating, and exciting activities.  The indigenous traditions and enchanting beaches in Bangka have tempted tourist’s palate.

Bangka Belitung Island is a province with archipelago nomenclature. The name of Bangka is derived from the word “WANGKA”, which means tin. This word was also written in a Sriwijaya stone inscription dated 686 AD and discovered near the town of Kota Kapur  in West Bangka.
Consists of two big islands, Bangka Island and Belitung Island and also 254 isles surrounding them with coastal length is 1,200 km sq, divided in 7 sub-provinces. With excellence of comparability and supported by regional ecosystem of archipelago, coastal area, and the island with the other.
Bangka Belitung represent maritime tourism development region such as diving, scuba, snorkeling, fishing, and sailing. Moreover, there are 55 Chinese or Buddhist Temples in Bangka. The Chinese make up at least 20% of the population of Bangka Belitung.  The majority of the Chinese are direct  descendants of the coolies who worked the tin mines. The oldest temple is in Batu Rusa, a village along the road from Pangkalpinang to Sungailiat. A beautifully decorated temple is found near Tayu in the north of Bangka Island.
Bangka is the main tin producer in Indonesia and is also well known for its white pepper. The group of islands making up the Bangka Belitung Province is almost located on the Equator with latitude of 1 degree 30 to 3 degree 07 and longitude of 105 to 107 degrees east.


Sungailiat is a district, lies 30 km north of the city Pangkalpinang, is renowned as the tin-producing island. However, Bangka island proved to have a series of beautiful beaches, among them is Parai Tenggiri Beach, the Integrated Coastal Tourism Area. This spot  offers four star-rated Regency Beach Resort and spa, Grand Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa,  and five star-rated resorts. Bangka Island also has Tourism Heritage, among them is Mount Menumbing, residing in District Mentok, about 30 km from City Mentok. The former president of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno, had exiled on the island of Bangka in colonialization era. Mentok is well-known as the best Heritage in Bangka island.

Parai Tenggiri Beach,  Integrated Coastal Tourism Area
The Nature’s  Scenic Wonders

Integrated Coastal Tourism Area in Parai Beach offers visitors a unique experience to the destination. Parai Beach is stretched for 2 kilometers long with its white sand and mild wave. Parai, a beach set between rocky capes is an ideal location for relaxing and swimming. Local fishermen moor their vessels here after a day of fishing, giving the beach the picturesque feel of a fishing village. Tourists flock at Parai Beach for the delightful and gently sloping white-sand beaches, superb resorts, and refreshing nature-based activities. Accommodation ranges from the best class resorts to affordable family chalets and facilities for budget travelers. The main characteristic of Parai Beach is domination of splendid granite rocks by the sighting coast shapes.

The Eastern Eyes

Rainbow restaurant will also offer live music entertainment at Rock Island. The adventures fascination with culture rarely barbecue glimpsed in sub-urban neighbourhoods and exotic sights is marvelous experience. Savour a variety of experiences at different times of the day.  The best variety of cuisine given the wide array of cooking tradition at this site. Try Bangka’s signature dish, sate, consisting of skewers of thick, succulent marinated meat barbecued over charcoal fire and served with peanut and spicy ketchup dip.
The Rock Island Grill & Bar with vessel bridge, always serve fresh seafood while enjoying the view of panoramic sea and romantic nuances of being a small island, which is about 200 meters from the hotel lobby.
In the spot of Integrated Coastal Tourism, Parai have several objects among others such as Parai Regency Beach Resort & Spa, 4 star-rated resort with 60 rooms consisting of 15 Standard Room hotels, 30 deluxe rooms (Cottage), 10 deluxe Beach Front (Cottage), 5 Suite Room (Cottage), Grand Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa, 5 star-rated boutique resort.
Grand Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa is built with the concept of “Total Privacy and Luxury”.  Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa has been built Villa with Melayu architectural styles and equipped with home theater combined teak furniture.

The vibrant beach atmosphere will bring visitors into exciting holiday. The proud emblem of interesting activities span the various experience such as enjoying glass bottom boat ride to watch the fish without having to dive, parasailing to enjoy the beautiful panorama, banana boat riding, Jet-skiing, canoeing and snorkeling, where visitors can dive with full facilities while enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery.
Hill Adventure and mingle with nature enthusiasts will enjoy conquering rock faces and cliffs. An outbound training center with the game High Ropes, Paintball, Jungle Trekking, Outbound Fun Games and Student Outing Program “Treasure Hunt” is also pampering guests.  Alleviating fatigue, and relaxation in Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa will indulge tranquil escapades.
Parai Tenggiri Beach is captivate paradise for nature exploration. Parai Beach beckons visitors with its pristine and diverse culture tribute. Come and experience the magnificent adventure with marine life ambience and spectacular holiday destination. This is Natural Invitation from Bangka Island.

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